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An ayurvedic nutritious malt for physical improvement and drug for indigestion. It keeps the body fit and provides strength, stamina and self confidence. Removes the nervous debility and general weakness.

Unsatisfied sex life often leads to superstition, causes family quarrels, takes men to addiction and later to divorce in despiar without knowing the root cause ot their misery. There are disorders that can be cured. Worrying about it does more harm than good. Feeling guilty does the most harm of all.

Fortunately ayurveda has taken long strides in the research on sex life. Its problems have been properly diagnosed and necesary treatment suggested ' KALAN DRUGS & REMEDIES' Nellayi, has already established a high reputation as manufactures of genuine Ayurvedi Medicines through out India and abroad. They have been following the footprints left by the great Rishi of yore and have made a product, with no side effects "SAKTHI MALT" which is a panacea for all defects in sex. To think rightly is to create and we are proud to say that our long and rich experience in the field of ayurveda has helped us to think rightly and produce this medicine. It gives energy, produces sexul appetite, makes sex healthy, corrects all sexual disorders and makes life happy and cheerful. Even the weak and old will be rejuvenated.

15gms twice daily.Morning and evening after food.

Formula  Each 100gm contains the extracts of :

  1. Mucuna prunita                3.250g.
  2. Holostemma annulare      3.250g.
  3. Hygrophila auriculata        3.250g.
  4. Phaseolus radiatus          3.250g.
  5. Withania somnifera         12.500g.
  6. Hemidesmus indicus        0.200g.
  7. Cuminum cyminum          0.200g.
  8. Cyclea peltata                  0.200g.
  9. Curculigo Orchiodes         0.200g.
  10. Elattaria cardamomum     0.200g.
  11. Cinnamomum zeylanicum 0.200g.
  12. Tribulus terrestris             0.200g.
  13. Piper longum                   0.200g.
  14. Honey                             3.400g.
  15. Candy                            26.000g.
  16. Jaggery                          26.000g.
  17. Gingelly oil                      2.250g.
  18. Ghee                              2.250g.
  19. Ipomea paniculata          40.000g.
  20. Asparagus racemosus     40.000g.   
  21. Sida retusa                     4.000g.
  22. Vitis vinifera                   4.000g.
  23. Horedeum vulgare           13.000g.