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Vaidyan's Dahasamani

Vaidyan's Dahasamani is a unified form of Ayurvedic herbal ingredients ensuring high quality, better and effective result under the utmost observation by the skilled Vaidyan's of Kalan Vaidya Family.

It is highly effective to prevent gas trouble and to purify the blood. It can be used alone or with food, irrespective of age to quench the thirst.

Add 1 teaspoon vaidyan's Dahasamani to 5 litre boiled water.

Boil it again and use or as directed by the physician.

1. Acacia catechu

2. Prunus cerasoides

3. Vetiveria zizanioides

4. Hemidesmus indicus

5. Zingiber officinale

6. Cuminum cyminum

7. Coriandrum sativum