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Dhadhukalpam is a nature given medicine proved to be efficacious for increasing the motility for sperms and immunity to diseases.   

Dhadhukalpam is an invaluable medicine in powder form (with no negative side effects) useful not only for married couples but also for those who are preparing for healthy married life and for those who are facing sex related problems in married life. Dhadhukalpam has been scintifically prepared and is suitable for long term use, for better results, this should be taken for atleast 8-12 weeks.

Adults: Two teaspoonful (approx. 8 grm) twice daily morning before food and evening after food.

Dhadhukalpam can be either taken along with fruit juice, milk, tea or coffee or as directed by the physician.

Holostemma ada-kodien                                  :    0.5gm

withania somnifera                                          :    1.2 gm

Curculigo orchioides                                        :    0.6 gm

Mucuna pruriens                                             :    3.4g

Elettaria cardamomum                                    :    0.05gm

Myristica fragrans                                           :    0.05 gm

Piper longum                                                  :    0.3 gm

Symplocos cochin chinen sis                           :   0.35 gm

Piper nigrum                                                   :   0.05 gm

Cyperus rotundus                                            :   0.5 gm

Ipomoea mauritiana                                         :   0.6 gm

Sugar                                                             :   2.4 gm