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Removes constipation and gives full and fast relief to Piles. The best remedy for stomach pain, Flatulence, Back ache,  Anaemia, Sleeplessness. Gas trouble and all other diseases due to constipation and piles.

This disease is commonly seen in human beigns especially beyond the age of fourty. The three doshas ie, Vata, Pitta and Kapha get vitiated and affect  the Guda valies and the arshas is originated. Expert treatment is highly essential for the cure of this disease. 

Almost all the people think that constipation is not a disease. This is not correct. The constipation must be treated by the proper medication. Otherwise the life will become miserable.As far as the arshas patient is concerned, Constipation increases the intensity of the disease.The patient will never feel satisfaction in defecation, abdominal upset, Frequent belching, bad breath, Itching all over the body, Oedema in Joints, Dry cough, tastlessness loss of memory are the other symptoms seen in arsas,Thpse who are victims of this illness should treat with time tested scientifically prepared valuable ayurvedic medicine ARSOBAN.

Adults     : One teaspoon full (6gms) Twice daily, Morning and Evening before food.

Children : Half teaspoon (3gms) Twice daily, Morning and evening before food or as directed by the physician.

Drinking of tea, coffee or warm water followed by the medicine is advised. Patient should avoid chicken, egg and liquor.

Each 5gms. contains :-

  1. Curcuma aromatica                       0.500g.
  2. Fruit of Visits vinifera                    0.383g.
  3. Seed of Holarrhena pubescens      0.083g.
  4. Bark of Holarrhena pubescens       0.083g.
  5. Sugar                                          1.667g.
  6. Ghee                                           0.833g.
  7. Plumbago indica                           0.084g.
  8. Caster Oil                                    2.500g.
  9. Rubia cordifolia                            0.500g.
  10. Fruit of Punica granatum               0.083g.