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The best remedy for Jaundice, eliminate the root causes for Jaundice and restore health quickly.

Hepatosin powder is a single dose with one day's food restrictions. 

Jaundice is a fatal disease that spreads widely not only in India, but all over the world. It is affected to all individuals irrespective of age, sex and season. The facts is that this disease is not curable by allopathic medicine. In Kalan Drugs & Remedies the reputed firm organised by the famous traditional Kalan Vaidya Family, found out a specific medicine - HEPATOSIN for the complete cure of Jaundice from the old Ayurvedic classics. The effect of this ayurvedic powder to sort out the Jaundice is proved by using chronic patients.It is also a preventive medicine to guard against an attack of Jaundice, Liver disorders and anemia.

Jaundice is widely spread especially in our country among the people as an epidemic disease. Usage of Hepatosin powder is a single dose with one day's food restrictions, will defenitely root out this disease without recurence.

Early in the morning with or without honey in empty stomach.

Above 12 years                               8g.

Below 12 and upto 6 years               6g.

Below 6 and upto 3 years                 4g.

Below 3 and upto 2 years                 2g.

Infants 1-3/4 year                          1/2g.

Formula each 1g. contains:-

  1. Operculina turpethum                              20mg.
  2. Cuminum cyminum                               140mg.
  3. Phyllanthus amarus                                40mg.
  4. Curcuma longa                                     240mg.
  5. Ricinus communis                                540mg.
  6. Tinospora cordifolia                                20mg.