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Complete cure to Gas Trouble and its associated symptoms and also give immunity power to the body.

This is a Patent Drug produced by the reputed vaidya family which have a rich hereditary background. This drug contains so many valuable raw drugs and is marketed after a prolonged scientific experiments. GASNIL is utilised by lakhs of people and have agreed its effectiveness in cure gas trouble. 

This drug stimulates all activities of the body and maintain the equilibrium of three doshas and saptha dhatus and have no side effects. Ath the journey time at the begining of discomfort itself, this medicine can be taken followed by tea, coffee or cold water. It is to be avoid all varieties of gram, alcohol, smoking, dried fish etc at the time of treatment.   

Adults     : Two teaspoonful (8gms) twice daily morning and evening before food. 

Children : One teaspoonful (4gms) twice daily morning and evening before food or as directed by the physician.

Can be taken mixed with water, buttermilk, fruit juice, tea or coffee.

Each 5gms contains :-

  1. Agni                            0-15gms.
  2. Induppu                       0-15gms.
  3. Chavarkaram               0-20gms.
  4. Tuvarchilakaram          0-20gms.
  5. Ardrak                        0-30gms.
  6. Magadam                   0-20gms.
  7. Pepper                       0-20gms.
  8. Wildpepper root           0-20gms.
  9. Iris gerhanica              0-15gms.
  10. Navachal Kayam         0-15gms.
  11. Acorus Calamus          0-20gms.
  12. Vanavarinthaki            0-20gms.
  13. Terminalia Chembula    0-10gms.
  14. Vizhalari                     0-15gms.
  15. Dadimum                    0-15gms.
  16. Curculigo zedoraa        0-15gms.
  17. Emblica officilani         0-30gms.
  18. Tinespara Cordi falim   0-10gms.
  19. Rajani dwayam            0-10gms.
  20. Adakkamani                0-40gms.
  21. Glycyrizaglabra            0-10gms.
  22. Punarnava                  0-10gms.
  23. Carbohydrate              1-05gms.