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Promotes lush growth of thick, strong, shining black hair.

Prevents premature greying, falling and breaking of hair.

Stops dandruff, Prevents headache, Cools head ,eyes and induces sound sleep.

It can be used irrespective of age.

 Apply it before bath. It can also be used as hair oil for combing.

Formula each 100ml. contains :-

  1. Eclipta prostrata            14gm.
  2. Aloe barbadensis           14gm.
  3. Tinospora cordifolia         7gm.
  4. Datura metel                  7gm.
  5. Bacopamonnieri             7gm.
  6. Phyllanthus emblica       7gm.
  7. Glycyrrhiza glabra          2gm.
  8. Coconut oil                  100ml.