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Chandrika Brahmi Oil

Chandrika brahmi oil is an ayurvedic herbal oil highly effective to cure dandruff and to check falling of hair.

It cools the eyes and head and promotes sound sleep. 

Excellent for body-massaging and it controls excessive heat of the body. 

It is blended with pure Coconut Oil and the extracts of selected rare herbs, well known for their efficacy.      

Apply this oil all over the scalp by using fingertips thoroughly to penetrate the oil into the growing ends of the hair.

Apply for 20 to 45 minutes.

Then take bath by using soap, bengal gram, green gram or Kalans Thalipodi.

Each 5ml. contains :-

  1. Bacopa mannieri                               2.5g.
  2. Phyllanthus emblica                           1g.
  3. Aloe Barbadensis                             0.75g.
  4. Citrus limon                                     0.125g.
  5. Bacopa monnieri(sugantham)            Q.S.
  6. Cardiospermum halicacabum               1g.
  7. Eclipta prostrata                                 2g.
  8. Abrus precatorius                             0.375g.
  9. Coconut oil                                        5ml.