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Sudhi Thalipodi

Prevention of Hair falling Dandruff itching Sensation of head.

It gives coolness to head, eyes, and also promotes growth of long lustrous black hair.

This powder can also be effective to various kinds of skin diseases.

It can be used head as well as all over the body to remove oil and dirt completely, irrespective of age.

Sudhi Thalipodi must be mixed with water until it becomes a paste.

Apply both on the head and all over the body and take bath as usual.

Each 50gm. contains :-

  1. Hibiscus rosa sinensis         9.3750g.
  2. Muussaenda frondosa          9.3750g.
  3. Phyllanthus amarus             3.750g.
  4. Sida rhombifolia                   3.750g.
  5. Azadiracta indica                 5.125g.
  6. Ficuz racemosa                  1.3125g.
  7. Ficuz microcarpa                1.3125g.
  8. Ficuz religiosa                    1.3125g.
  9. Ficuz benghalensis             1.3125g.
  10. Acacia sinuata                     4.500g.
  11. Vetiveria zizanioides            3.750g.
  12. Albizia lebbeck                   5.1250g.