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Neelibhringadi Coconut Oil

KDR mark Neelibhringadi Hair Oil stimulates lush growth of strong and thick hair.

This herbal extract reuvenates,strengthens and protects hair from itching and flaking.

It prevents dandruff ,splits,scalp infections and premature grey.

It controls hair falls and gives cooleness to head  and eyes.

It promotes for a long,soft and shiny hair.

it also includes sound sleep.

(For External use only)

Apply this oil all over the scalp by using fingertips thoroughly to penetrate the oil into the growing ends of the hair.

Apply for 20 to 45 minutes.

Then take bath by using soap, bengal gram, green gram or Kalans Thalipodi.

Storage: Cool and dry place, normal M/East climate

Warning: Protect from direct sunlight.

Use the solution within 6 months from opening the seal.

An Athentic ayurvedic formula

Each 100 ml is processed out  

  1. Cows milk                                    : 25ml/100ml
  2. Buffalos milk                                : 25ml/100ml
  3. Glycyrrhiza glabra                        : 1.5gm/100ml
  4. Arus precatorius – Root             : 3.5gm/100ml
  5. Antimony Sulphate                      : 1.5gm/100ml
  6. Coconut oil                                    : 100gm/100ml
  7. Indigofera tinctoria                       : 12.5gm/100ml
  8. Eclipta alba                                   : 12.5gm/100ml
  9. Cardiospermum Halicacabum : 12.5gm/100ml
  10. Emblica oficinalis                        : 12.5gm/100ml
  11. Goats milk                                     :  25ml/100ml
  12. Coconut milk                                 :  25ml/100ml