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Codi Plus (Cough Syrup)

For assured cough control nature's best.

Allergic dry cough.

Throat irritation, Rhinitis, Asthma and Hoarseness of voice.

Adult      : 5ml to 10ml. thrice daily.

Children : 2.5ml to 5ml. thrice daily or as directed by the Physician.

For internal use only

Each 10ml. prepared out of :-

  1. Solanum surattense     500mg
  2. Glycyrrhiza glabra        500mg
  3. Justicia beddomei        500mg
  4. Cuminum cyminum      500mg
  5. Zingiber officinale        200mg
  6. Piper Longum             200mg
  7. Piper nigrum               200mg
  8. Abies spectabilis        200mg
  9. Pottassium chloride    200mg
  10. Camphor                    200mg
  11. Jaggery                     5000mg
  12. Menthol                     0.1%
  13. Adjuvents                     Qs