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Mahanarayana Thailam

Massage Oil, Very effective in diseases like paraplegia, Sciatica.

Warm and apply all over the body or the required portion only.

Take bath in hot water after half to one hour.

Use the solution within 6 months from opening the seal.

Storage : Cool and dry place, normal M/East climate.

Warning: Protect from direct sunlight.


Each 100ml is prepared out of :-

  1. Asparagus racemosus            130mg.
  2. Terminalia Chebula                  30mg.
  3. Phyllanthus emblica                 30mg.
  4. Terminalia bellerica                  30mg.
  5. Ricinus communis root             30mg.
  6. Solanum anguivi root               30mg.
  7. Solanum melongena                30mg.
  8. Holoptelia integrifolia ba           30mg.
  9. Sida rhombifolia                      60mg.
  10. Nilgirlanthusciliatus                 30mg.
  11. Boerhavia diffusa                    1gm.
  12. Anethum graveolens                1gm.
  13. Bitumen                                  1gm.
  14. Elettaria cardomomum             1gm.
  15. Rubia cordifolia                        2gm.
  16. Withania somnifera                  1gm.
  17. Rocksalt                                 1gm.
  18. Alpinia galanga                        1gm.
  19. Cow's milk                             100ml. 
  20. Goat's milk                            100ml.
  21. Gingelly oil                            100ml.
  22. Tribulus terrestris                   30mg.
  23. Solanum xanthocarpu             30mg.
  24. Cedrus deodara                        2mg.
  25. Vetiveria zizanoides                 2mg.