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Dhanwantharam Kuzhambu

Massage oil, An excellent body massage oil for your daily bath. It keeps the body free from all pains and discomforts. It promotes Health, Vigour and Vitality.

Warm and apply all over the body or the required portion only.

Take bath in hot water after half to one hour.

Use the solution within 6 months from opening the seal.

Storage : Cool and dry place, normal M/East climate.

Warning: Protect from direct sunlight.


Sida retusa  11500mg

Gmelina arborea  1400mg

Aegle marmelos 1400mg

Oroxylum indicum 1400mg

Premna corymbosa 1400mg

Ziziphus mauritiana 1400mg

Solanum anguivi 1400mg

Rubia cordifolia 100mg

Tribulus terrestris 2800mg

Stereospermum tetragonum 1400mg

Polygonatum cirrhifolium 1400mg

Hordeum vulgare 1400mg

Macrotyloma uniflorum 1400mg

Hemidesmus indicus 100mg

Asperagus racemosus 100mg

Ipomoea mauritiana 100mg

Lilium polyphyllum 100mg

Polygonatum verticullatum 100mg

Rock salt 100mg

Commiphora myrrba 1400mg

Trigonella foenum graecum 100mg

Bitumen 100mg

boerhaavia diffusa 100mg

Withania somnifera 200mg

Glycyrrhiza glabra 100mg

Terminalia chebula 100mg

Phyllanthus emblica 100mg

Terminalia bellirica 100mg

Vigna radiata 100mg

Elettaria cardamomum 100mg

Cinnamomum tamala 100mg

Cinnamomum verum 100mg

Anethum graveolens 100mg

Vigna pilosa 100mg

Malaxis mucifera 50mg

Malaxis acuminata 50mg

Milk 150mg

Gingelly oil 85ml

Castor oil 10ml

Cedrus deodara 100mg

Vetiveria zizanoides 100mg

Recinuscommunis 100mg